“Soil tests are done routinely in food production to control plant nutrients. However, these tests ignore how soil conditions affect those nutrients because we do not test for them in the plants and their fruits. The real economic value of crops is in the quantity and quality of the nutrients they provide. We focus on this analytical angle that will become the future of agricultural food production.”

– Rajnish Khanna, Ph.D. and Roberto Bogomolni, Professor Emeritus.

We are scientists and industry professionals working together to provide transdisciplinary solutions  to modernize agriculture, food systems and conservation of natural resources- to improve the human condition and our impact on the planet. We can not do this alone. We partner with public and private sectors. We wish to extend the capabilities of our technologies and professional networks to solve specific problems, regionally and globally. We have successfully developed (i) Analytical tools to improve crop production, (ii) A smart online farmer’s market to revamp local food systems, and (iii) Software for converting satellite images to map changes in forest cover and monitor agriculture. We are working with our collaborators to develop microbial soil amendments to eliminate the overuse of artificial fertilizers. 

Everything we do is deeply interconnected with learning and growth, allowing us to work with educators and trainers to update career and vocational training curricula to prepare students for future opportunities. Our experience has shown that finding the optimal solution for one of the problems inevitably provides answers to solve some of the other problems. Our objectives are to increase the impact of safe technologies in meaningful ways. In our collaborations, our industry partners and investors will benefit through growth potential, and our non-profit cooperators will gain access to resources and solutions to increase their own impact. 

i-Cultiver provides customized R&D services to industry and transfers new products and technologies into AgroEco-Food applications. 

More than a company 

i-Cultiver is a consortium of multidisciplinary professionals working together to improve agriculture, nutrition and conservation through advanced research and easy to use technology.


To bring technical solutions for modernizing agriculture, food systems and resource  conservation to improve the human condition and its impact on our planet. 


  1. Modernizing agriculture
  2. Remote sensing and earth observation of forested and agricultural lands
  3. Digitization of local food systems, globally

Rajnish Khanna, MSc, PhD 

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

i-Cultiver, Inc. and Global Food Scholar, Inc.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of i-Cultiver, Inc. and Global Food Scholar, Inc. Rajnish has served as a lead scientist in biotechnology industry and has worked at the University of California, Berkeley and Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University. Rajnish is a strategic biotechnology consultant, plant and soil health scientist applying multidisciplinary approaches for research and development. Known for empowering the industry through strategic partnerships with academic institutions to leverage advanced technologies, increase technology transfer and product impact. Through transdisciplinary collaborations, he is bridging the gap between research and its application, including the remote monitoring software, CLASlite. Rajnish is creating the online local food marketing platform, TerreLocal, to digitally map food supply with local demand. Rajnish is a photobiologist, interested in how information, such as light, is perceived and translated by organisms into biological responses. This has led him to explore universal signal- information processing as a critical mechanism underlying consciousness.

Contact us for any AgroEco R&D project. i-Cultiver works with all types of organizations, including for-profit, non-profit, and educational and research institutes. Majority of our clients are small to medium sized producers and manufacturers. Majority of our collaborators are leading researchers, NGOs, foundations and non-profit organizations.

What We Do



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How it works


Contact us with a brief description of your product or research need. Email:


We will review the proposed project and let you know within 48 hours if i-Cultiver can help with your R&D.


Together, we will develop a roadmap to complete your project within your budget. Both, short- and long-term R&D projects are possible.


Deliverables can be private research reports, white paper, media or meeting presentations, and peer-reviewed publications.

Overview of

Some of the Services We Offer

Technology Transfer

We collaborate with inventors from major Universities and research institutions to translate their IP and basic research into scalable field applications.

Customized R&D

We provide full-spectrum research and development services to help small and medium-scale industry test and optimize their products.

Monitoring Forest/Crop Health

We use multiple technologies, including microbiome and nutrient analysis, and remote monitoring to track crop health and changes in forest health.

Support Education and Non-Profits

We work with higher educational institutions, non-profits and foundations to enhance their efforts in education, training and AgroEco beneficial projects.

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Consultative partners

Partners who share their knowledge and experience in agriculture