CCC BEST online application



Before completing this application, see details and instructions about the CCC BEST Program here 

    • 1. Full Name
    • 2. Are you a current CCC student? Yes, I am a Comet!No, but can you still help me?I don’t attend CCC, but I am a student at DVC or LMC
    • 3. How many credits are you taking? ZeroOneTwoThreeFourFiveSix
    • 4. What is your email address (not your CCC email), we prefer your outside the campus email address that you check frequently so that we can connect with you directly.
    • 5. What is your CCC (or other campus) email address?
    • 6. What is your phone number?
    • 7. What is the best way to reach you?By emailBy phone
    • 8. What best describes your interest in biotechnology or public communication?
      I want to explore the career, while keeping other options openI want to get a job in the biotech industry or media communication as soon as possibleI have career plans in a field that requires an advanced degree, and want to make sure I can earn money while I apply to schools
    • 9. Upload your Resume
    • 10. Upload your Cover Letter Cover Letter (PDF files only, limit to 1-2pages)
    • If you would like assistance with your Internship Job Application, including your Resumé and Cover letter, you can reach out for assistance Here
    • 11. Please share any other comments, questions or information that you may have at this time
  • For any questions Email: