As founder of the Global Food Scholar, Dr. Khanna has turned his scientific eye to the biochemical bases of plant development and our current industrial food processes. In studying what he calls ‘the Internet of Good Food (IoGF)’, Dr. Khanna became intensely interested in creating a way to map real-time farm-to-table networks, providing transparency of local food industries. His collaborations with leaders in the culinary and nutrition sciences, and ITs professionals, have enabled him to build an app that supports discovery of and access to locally grown, nutritious and tasty foods that support personal health while nurturing the environment.

Rajnish Khanna is a research scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University. His scientific credentials, which include a doctorate from Purdue University in Plant Molecular Biology, a postdoctoral fellowship at The University of California, Berkeley and lead scientist in a plant biotechnology company have lead him to a deep interest in how environmental signals influence plant growth and crop performance in the field.

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